Learn how to oil paint a Autumn, Lesson with Subtitles painting demo by Rybakow

Learn how to oil paint a Autumn, Lesson with Subtitles painting demo by Rybakow

Start drawing painting from the background. In the background we have the sky.
For the sky, we use: white paint + a little blue.
We use a large brush. Apply a thin coat of paint.

If the sky turned very bright, then apply a second coat of paint (white + a little blue). Cloth evenly remove excess paint. The sky turns vague and enjoyable.
If necessary — add the contrast of the sky. Making use of the more blue paint.
Mix Cadmium Yellow Medium + ocher + a little bit of white. These compositions were applied foliage.
To this solution, add a little oil paint kraplak red.
Mix a new solution: cadmium yellow + ocher.
Do not forget each time to wipe the brush in a rag.

Refine rough foliage. This leaves we will apply a brighter palette knife finishing foliage.
At this stage, we use 3 paints: cadmium yellow + ocher gold + carmine red.
Take for each batch proportions of these different colors.

Foreground land use kraplak dark brown.
The closer to the horizon — the more yellow and bright dye solution.

Working simultaneously on all areas of the painting.

Remove excess oil paint a piece of cloth.
Horizon paint Cadmium Yellow + White.

Sorry, but at this point I have run out of energy in the camcorder.

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