How to paint a golden sunset over the water. Time Lapse demo.

How to paint a golden sunset over the water. Time Lapse demo.

It is a speed version (Time Lapse) of the full lesson oil painting on canvas. For those who want to quickly see how to paint from scratch oil painting golden sunset in this video speed is increased by 4 times. And instead of a full hour lesson, you will spend just 20 minutes.

The full version of this video is a lesson here:

In this lesson we will see and learn how to paint a golden sunset over the water.
In this lesson you will see a painting:
— You start painting oil painting
— Learning how to write a reflection of trees in water
-What paints: finger? cloth? brushes? palette knife?
In this lesson, you will see the oil painting as a blank canvas and to complete the form portrayed golden sunset.
I hope you will gather something new and interesting paintings from this lesson and will be able to paint a painting like «Golden Sunset«.

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Thank you for your attention!

It was a Time Lapse  video tutorial oil painting:  «Golden Sunset«.

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