How to make the wood kitchen less than $165!

How to make the wood kitchen less than $165!

Give me just one minute of your time. You will understand why this kitchen you will like it!

Firstly, this kitchen is made of ecologically pure solid wood.
This kitchen is made of inexpensive of sawn timber! These materials can be bought in any store.

Do you want to energy of wood gave warmth and comfort every day, when you are at the kitchen.
Then I, Valery Rybakow, I invite you to do the same kitchen on your individual size of the room.

A long time I wanted to make a new kitchen from wood. I designed the kitchen long time.
To find a balance between price and quality kitchen. The balance between economy and practicality.

This serial includes a more than 9 hours of video.
80 detailed and understandable series show how to make the kitchen of solid wood yourself.

Everything is explained in detail. Starting from the dismantling of the old kitchen.
And ending with a ready kitchen, which you see behind me.

This kitchen has nice serves me! The kitchen is very comfortable, big and practical!
I am pleased with this kitchen!

You’d be surprised, but the price of this large kitchen is very small.
Many cupboards, lots of shelves! A large wooden countertop!
And the price of all materials — only $ 165!

I’m happy every day use of the kitchen!
I want that you to be happy!

In the shop you will not find such a nice wooden kitchen! You can easily do this kitchen by yourself!
See my detailed video! More than 9 hours of detailed video about how to make this kitchen!

I want, if you felt the joy of your kitchen as well as I from my kitchen.

You think this kitchen to make is difficult and unrealistic? You do not know how to work with wood?
No problems! It’s simple! I’ll show you all of my videos!

I’m just tired of my old kitchen! I wanted to make the kitchen of my dreams! And do not spend a lot of money and time.

Save a lot of money just by looking my free video: How to make the wood kitchen less than $165!

How to make the wood kitchen less than $165!

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