Easy Art Tutorial/Blue river among green forests/Time Lapse Demo/Daily Art Therapy /Day #0761

Easy Art Tutorial/Blue river among green forests/Time Lapse Demo/Daily Art Therapy /Day #0761

Easy Art demo Tutorial How to paint Blue river among green forests landscape Acrylic Painting. Artist Valery Rybakow. Time Lapse Master class painting demo /Daily Art Therapy /Day #0761

★★★ Available for SALE…. 14″× 14″ / 36 x 36 cm …..Acrylic on canvas
Price : 140$ USD + 25$ USD SHIPPING
Buy this painting here: http://rybakow.com/761-en.html

How to paint a Blue river among green forests landscape, namely how easy it is to paint a forest, trees, a blue river forest atmosphere — all this is the artist Valery Rybakow, who demonstrates visually in the Master of painting class. This is a Time Lapse (accelerated) video Painting lesson. If you want to see the full painting lesson in RUSSIAN — see the full version of the painting lesson «How to paint a Blue river among green forests» at the link: http://art-rybakow.ru/761ru/

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Easy Art Tutorial/Blue river among green forests/Time Lapse Demo/Daily Art Therapy /Day #0761

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