Why did the artist Rybakow burned his painting! Burns oil painting!

Why did the artist Rybakow burned his painting! Burns oil painting!

Hello dear friends. Today I would like to tell you about one of my principles of life that I rooting lately. Fairly new to me a principle of life. And it’s called «Best or nothing». As in advertising vehicle: «The best or nothing.» Or as we say in another way: «Good — enemy of the best»

What I am today started a conversation on the background of this painting? It’s very simple! I paint this painting (I was asked to paint it on the painting). Found somewhere painting. I’m about done in his manner, but, to be honest — I’m not happy with the result.

Looking at the painting there is a bad feeling, some incompleteness, dissatisfaction with the work done. No flight, there is no disclosure of the soul. It is difficult to put into words, but one word I’m not happy this painting. And, to put it bluntly: this painting was born from nothing and now will go nowhere.

In the future, I plan to paint another similar work. I hope in the new oil painting will be in my flight of the soul after writing. But, since the principle — a principle, and it applies to all spheres of life, again «The best or nothing«, then …. It’s a pity — do not mind, but we will say goodbye to painting.

I hope will be born a new oil painting — more emotional. Which is more than enough for the soul. In the meantime, talk to her until the oil painting!

In life should be some principles. I think this is the core of a person. This is his strength. And so I wish you to have been humane principles. One of them is not bad: «The best or nothing

Well, it’s all for today! See ya:-)