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My name — Valery Rybakow. http://www.patreon.com/Rybakow


I — a professional artist. I’m writing a painting in many countries around the world and successfully opens a solo exhibition of paintings. And I am absolutely convinced and know what to write painting CAN EACH of US!!! And you can paint beautiful paintings that will please you and your loved ones. In my online lessons, I’ll show you how easy ANYONE can professionally paint on canvas.
I open my Secrets of mastery of painting.
But I need your help! To make high-quality video for you, I need Digital SLR camera, lenses, lighting equipment, rear photo background, flash card and a new laptop for editing high-quality video (my laptop is very old).

Please donate today to help me begin create online art-lesons:

My PAYPAL: leglyst169@gmail.com

Free painting and drawing tips and tutorials

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