Today we review Chromebooks Asus C300 or Asus Chromebook C300. I’ll tell you the pros and cons of this ASUSa.
Model Asus Chromebook C300 and Asus Chromebook C300MA completely similar. At first glance Chromebooks Asus C300 looks good.

Specifications of this model Chromebooks:

— The matrix size: 13.3 inches
— HD camera. Good camera installed here. And there are effects that can be immediately applied on the image. This funny little thing.
— Two holes near the camera. I suspect that it microphones, which records stereo sound.
— It is necessary to INTEL-processor.
— Drive 32 Gb.
— In this model, Chromebooks (Asus Chromebook C300) is a 4 Gb memory (DDR3).
— Wifi with good signal reception.
— What pleased: there are two USB sockets: USB 2.0 and high-speed USB 3.0
— HDMI input

Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of Asus Chromebook C300.

From my subjective minuses can be noted a couple:

1. I am not accustomed to work with the operating system ChromeOS. This is not Windows, or Android — it savsem more. In short unusual.
2. It will not be used as a tool (for me personally), as the Asus Chromebook C300 (like any other Chromebooks) will not put no Photoshop, no software for video processing such as Adobe Premiere.
3. In the case remain fingerprints (a trifle).
4. The sound when watching a movie tihovat. I used to loud.

Now about the pros Asus Chromebook C300. There are many more! 🙂

1. The battery in this Chromebooks costs Li-ion and keeps it according to the manufacturer 10 — 11 hours. This is a big plus. I understand those who are often on the road or traveling.
2. The operating system ChromeOS hruzitsya very quickly! Chromebooks opened the lid, and counted to three system is loaded.
3. Good quality camera and microphone.
4. Very thin!
5. weighs right foot from the midge — very little — a little more than a kilogram.
6. Pleasant body color.

Conclusion: Asus Chromebook C300 I was more pleased than not pleased. But the findings do you just friends