How to PAINT FLOWER SUMMER FIELD Painting with acrylics STEP BY STEP Painting LESSONS by Rybakow.

How to PAINT FLOWER SUMMER FIELD. Painting with acrylics STEP BY STEP. Painting LESSONS by Rybakow

In drawing this flower summer field filled with fragrant flowers, there is a trick that will help you draw bright and clean flowers. Usually the picture is written like this: it begins to be drawn from the very background, then the more close-up plan and gradually moves to the foreground. So the main secret of this technique, in which very clean and lively flowers are achieved, is concluded in the fact that we immediately paint individual flowers with read colors. As you can see in the picture below, I began to paint a picture from blue-eyed vets using a pure one (without dilution with whitewash and other paints) blue color. He did the same with the red flowers in the future picture — he took a pure red color without diluting with white and drew approximate contours of two flowers. Then he added purple flowers to the future flower landscape. As you can see in the picture below — only 3 pure colors are used: blue, red and purple.


But the painting will turn out to be too empty if you do not add more colors — so we proceed! In the picture below we draw daisies. And note that the daisies are two colors: cold (in the shade) and warm (the daisies are facing the sun). To do this, we take the yellow paint for warm daisies and blue (diluted with whites to gray-blue) for daisies that are in the shade.

When the flowers are beautifully scattered and arranged on the canvas, we turn to the background. The picture below shows how the background in the background is filled with yellow-green paint in a large bleached white.

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These are the main recommendations for what you should pay particular attention to when writing this sunny summer net on a canvas. Further process you will see in the video.

For your convenience, this painting lesson is recorded in two formats: a complete video process that lasts about an hour and a half and many times the video lesson is a so-called Time Lapse Video.

Choose the most comfortable for you and enjoy the process of painting.

The complete process of paint a painting (duration 1 hour 30 minutes):

Time Lapse painting lesson (10 minutes long):

I hope it was useful to you with this video painting lesson. It took me 2 days to create and edit this video lesson. Please give feedback in the form of a comment and Laika so that I understand whether it is worth doing such video painting lessons or I shouldn’t spend my time on it.

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How to PAINT FLOWER SUMMER FIELD. Painting with acrylics STEP BY STEP. Painting LESSONS by Rybakow

How to PAINT FLOWER SUMMER FIELD. Painting with acrylics STEP BY STEP. Painting LESSONS by Rybakow

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