Full video tutorial: How to paint spring portrait on canvas. Lesson oil painting.

This is the full version of the master class how to paint wich palette knife oil painting on canvas. Artist Valery Rybakow. Today we will paint  spring portrait titled EYE SPRING. http://rybakow.com/

To paint oil paintings, I usually use a palette knife, and a little finger and brush.
Oil paints, which I often use — is: Titanium White, Cadmium Red Deep, blue «FC», cadmium yellow medium.

With these oils in the film are well in tune cadmium orange, Neapolitan light yellow, cobalt blue light, Indian red, madder red dark, dark brown Mars.

Oil paints, which in his paintings, I use less cobalt violet light, Neapolitan pink, cobalt green light, cobalt blue medium, turquoise, red and turquoise Neapolitan.

Oil paint is easily mixed and produced new colors:
Yellow Ochre + greens herbal = olive green.
Cadmium Lemon + = little emerald green color.
Madder red + blue = purple FC.

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