Full demo video tutorials! How to oil paint GOLDEN SUNSET.

This is a full lesson oil painting on canvas. In this lesson we will see and learn how to paint a golden sunset over the water.

During the full painting lessons, you will see:
— You start painting oil painting
— Learning how to write a reflection of trees in water
-What paints: finger? cloth? brushes? palette knife?

In this lesson, you will see the oil painting as a blank canvas and to complete the form portrayed golden sunset.
I hope you will gather something new and interesting paintings from this lesson and will be able to paint a painting like «Golden Sunset».

The speed time lapse version of this video is a lesson here: http://art-rybakow.ru/how-to-paint-golden-sunset-over-water/

So, watch the video: Oil painting. Golden sunset. How to paint.

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Thank you!

It was a full  video tutorial oil painting:  «Golden Sunset — How to oil paint«.