FULL 2h50min OIL Painting lesson!! 2 CAMERAS — Demo by Valery Rybakow

FULL 2h50min OIL Painting lesson!! 2 CAMERAS - Demo by Valery Rybakow

Today new FULL 2h50min OIL Painting lesson!! 2 CAMERAS — Demo by Valery Rybakow http://lessons.rybakow.com

Taking a walk in Paris, shrouded in gray clouds, I suddenly saw an unusual picture: At the intersection of two streets stood a small cozy cafe, plenty of natural light. My heart was once warm and homey. I could not forget this vivid image and so was born one more picture of Paris: «SUNNY CAFE in Paris«.
Full (2h 50min) free Master class palette knife oil painting by Valery Rybakow. In this lesson, we painted the sunny painting «SUNNY CAFE in Paris.»

For example, writing this sunny and warm oil paintings you will learn:
— How to paint a sunny Paris palette knife;
— How to paint in the background Eiffel Tower oil painting;
— How to paint a beautiful and warm palette knife painting on canvas.

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My oil painting free lesson «How to paint a painting SUNNY CAFE in Paris» demonstrates how to paint on canvas Eiffel Tower, and a cozy cafe, shrouded cozy sunlight. Sunny Paris butter with a blank canvas and to complete the picture by using a palette knife, brushes, fingers and cloths.
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I hope after watching this 2 CAMERAS full video tutorials painting you ask yourself the question: How to paint a painting SUNNY CAFE in Paris and the Eiffel Tower!

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