Buy oil painting Magic clouds over water — size: 85×115 cm. Artist Rybakow.

I painted ? a new oil painting 85 x 115 cm, called Magic clouds over water. I love the clouds! And so I decided to to paint fairy fluffy clouds ?. When I look at this new painting — all thoughts disappear … I want to look at and to look at the clouds ? — just some sort of meditation ?. Yours Valery Rybakow.

Buy oil painting Magic clouds over water - size: 85x115 cm. Artist Rybakow.

As I wrote above — title of the painting: Magic clouds over water. This is the original! Author’s large oil painting on canvas.
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Painting size: 85 cm x 115 cm.

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? Type: Original oil painting on canvas, painted with a palette knife. The artist Valery Rybakow

Magic clouds over water — Oil Painting. Rybakow.

This is the only painting by the author — without repetitions and copies!

Here you buy directly from the artist. Extensive and overpayments.

Signed by the artist, Certificate of Authenticity is attached to the seal of the artist.


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